Salt struck

Thursday, September 29, 1887

As was remarked by the HERALD the parties who have been boring the South Hutchinson gas well struck a twenty foot stratum of salt, Tuesday. Yesterday another of thirteen feet, separated from the first by a thin stratum of shale, was found. Specimens of the salt have been sent to the east for examination and analysis and we shall soon know exactly what the quality is. It is thought that it is as fine as any mined in the country.

Hon. John Lawson, of this city received the following letter from F. W. Ash, of Haven, this morning. It is interesting from the fact that Mr. Ash had so excellent an opportunity to compare th Ellsworth salt - which is acknowledged to be of the finest quality - with that taken from the well in South Hutchinson. The fact the latter was found equal to the former in color and taste, is an assurance that we have a salt that can be sold in any market at first-class prices. There should be no delay in organizing a company to sink a shaft and bring the wealth that lies only a few hundred feet beneath us, to the surface!

HAVEN, Kansas, Sept. 29.
DEAR SIR: - Coming down on train last night I saw a Chicago capitalist with samples of Ellsworth salt. Of course you know that is considered to be very fine salt. I also saw a man with some of the Hutchinson salt. I got a small sample from him and dried it and I am satisfied that when dry it is just as good color as the Ellsworth salt I saw, which of course was dry. This man had some of the same salt refined and it ws just grand, no strong taste same as barrel salt has got.
F. W. Ash