Salt and Coal Mining Company news

Sunday, December 4, 1887

Charter Received - Organization Perfected - Officers Elected.


Yesterday morning the South Hutchinson Salt and Coal Mining company met and perfected their organization by electing the following officers:

James S. Austin - President.

Thos. J. Decker - Vice President.

John O. McClintock - Secretary.

C.R. Thoburn - Assistant Secretary.

Wm. Bennett - Treasurer.

The capital stock of the company is placed at $200,000.

The company has been inconvenienced some on account of the non-arrival of their charter, which was mailed to them on the 17th of November. The secretary of state issued them another and on its receipt they completed their organization.

The gentlemen composing this company are thorough business men and are determined to push their works as fast as men and money will accomplish it. They are now in correspondence with several parties in reference to sinking shafts and other work to be done.

They have leased 1,000 acres of land joining the Blanchard well and will sink a shaft in the same locality. They have made arrangements for switch facilities with the Missouri Pacific. Their preliminaries are all arranged and they will be ready for work in a few days.

The log of the well sunk by Mr. Blanchard is known to them and will be a great help to them in their operations. For the reason that theirs will be located near his, and it is probable in sinking their shaft they will encounter the same formation.

The quicksand which was struck in the Blanchard well is not very active, and they do not anticipate serious trouble in sinking a shaft through it. They propose to mine their salt, and are prepared to surmount all obstacles they may strike in going after it.