Salt, Pure and Undenied

Saturday, October 15, 1887

The major portion of our citizens who have taken an interest in the operations at the gas well in South Hutchinson, have regularly investigated the progress of each day's developments. When the first salt vein was reached, and the drill had penetrated it some distance, a thrill of satisfaction was felt by all those interested in the future welfare of our city. As each day's work showed more salt, the interest grew apace. When forty feet of salt was announced, all pronounced it marvelous and wonderful.

An analysis at this stage of the operations was had which showed 97 per cent of pure salt. In the meantime, operations continued in the well until Wednesday, when it was announced that operations had been suspended with a vein of salt which had reached the astonishing thickness of one hundred and sixty feet — the largest vein in the world it was pronounced to be. Some of the salt which was taken from the well at this depth was given to a chemist, Dr. A. II. Colvard, for analysis.

Yesterday he finished the analysis and the following is the result of his work:

Hutchinson, Kan, Oct. 14, 1887
The last sample of South Hutchinson salt gives 99 per cent chloride pf sodium; only a trace of lime.
A. II. Colvard

It will he seen that the investigation shows that it only lacks one per cent of being pure, and this one per cent is composed of dirt and a small show of lime, which does not hurt the salt to any degree.

It is so near absolutely pure that we may say that it is the purest salt in the United States.

Eastern parties are here, and we understand are endeavoring to procure leases of the grounds in that vicinity, but so far have not mot with any success.