Pennsylvania Aware

Friday, November 11, 1887

A Company of Keystone Capitalists Formed to Develop Hutchinson's Inexhaustible Wealth of Salt

The News of Hutchinson's marvelous salt deposits has spread over all parts of the United States, and the interest of capitalists in the find is increasing all the while as the truthfulness of the reorts is confirmed.

Yesterday morning a private telegram was received from Philadelphia stating that a heavy combination of capitalists had just been formed for the purpose of developing the salt mines at this place; that funds were paid in on the spot sufficient to carry on operations on a scale nowhere else attempted in the country, and that a trusted representative of the corporation will be here in a few days to secure ground and make the preliminary preparations for commencing active business. There is no doubt of the genuineness of the dispatch or the correctness of its statements.

This new company will be welcomed to the field, and bidden by our people to go in and win a world of wealth. They will be accorded every privilege locally that unselfish public spirit can bestow, and they may be sure they will encounter no manifestation of the dog-in-the-manger policy in this city. They are all the more welcome because they are willing to put up all the cash required and ask no assistance from home capital.

As men of wealth come in from every state and from countries over the sea, assure themselves that we really have the enormous salt deposit that we claim, our citizens begin to realize the importance of the great discovery - beginning to appreciate the fact that we have at our door an undeveloped treasure, greater than that which made Colorado famous the world over. Greater than the ordinary coal mine, greater than any gold mine will be the vast salt mines of Hutchinson in the near future.