• Underground Vaults & Storage officials in one of the living quarters 650 feet below the ground.

Hutchinson Report: Storage Facility 650 Feet Deep

Thursday, August 18, 1966

Editor's Note: This is the 18th in the Hutchinson Report series, compiled for the Chamber of Commerce. This article deals with the Underground Vaults & Storage in the Carey Salt Mine.

Described as a 128-acre fortress of security, the Underground Vaults and Storage Inc. maintains this unique storage facility nearly 650 feet below the surface of the earth in the Carey mine.

Its thick ceiling of rock salt, shale and sandy soil is several hundred feet more protection than recommended by federal agencies as a safety factor for underground security. Absolute control of access is maintained.

20-foot Walls

Mining operations in the Security Storage Center area were completed prior to 1930 and as the work of carving these vast underground caverns progressed, mining engineers left broad 20-foot walls between excavated rooms for ample support.

After 38 years of mining, some 50 miles of corridors stretch out in many directions. Rooms and tunnels form a perfectly symmetrical pattern. Ceilings and floors are horizontal and remarkably smooth and clean. Air shafts parallel main rail shafts, insuring air circulation throughout the mine.

Gay Decor

Potted plants, piped music, wood floors, and gay colored furnishings are used in the living apartment of the nation's deepest active record storage center to dispel any claustrophobic feelings of visitors and employees.

These decorator touches blend tastefully with the natural rock salt ceiling and some walls. "Saltcrete" is used in construction as a binding material and for flooring in a salt mine to save both labor and cost.

12 Rooms

Twelve rooms branch lo the left off a main corridor - each about the size of a football field. The sum total of this space is less than one percent of the 50,000,000 cubic feet leased in the Carey Salt Mine.

Customers using the facilities of underground vaults and stor­age include:

The Longmont National Bank, Longmont, Colo.; South Side Bank and Trust Company, Chicago; Community Bank of East Peoria, East Peoria; Jefferson Trust and Savings Bank, Peoria; Wilmette State Bank, Wilmette. III.; The Irving Bank, Chicago; National Bank of Commerce. Chicago; Citizens Na­tional Bank. Chicago; The First Lake Countv Bank. Libertyville. III.; The First National Bank of Peoria. Peoria: The First National Bank and Trust Company, Barring-ton, III.; National Boulevard Bank. Chicago; Commercial National Bank, Chicapo; First National Bank, Belvidere, 111.; Northwest National Bank, Chlcaso; The Fed­eral Home Loan Bank of Chicago. Chicago: The Exchange National Bank, Chicago. La Salle National Bank of Chi­cago, Chicago; The Oakland Nation­al Bank. Oakland, HI.; Bank of Edgemont, East St. Louis. III.; Commercial National Bank, Peoria; Citizens National, Paris, 111.; Peo­ples Bank and Trust Company, Cedar Rapids, la.; Council Bluffs Savings Bank, Council Bluffs, Guar­anty Bank and Trust Company; Cedar Rapids, Wichita State Bank, Wichita; The First National Bank of Osawatomle, Osawatomle; The Kansas State Bank, Wichita; The Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka Topeka; Union National Bank Wichita; The Augusta State Bank Augusta; First National Bank in Pratt, Pratt; Hutchinson National Bank and Trust Company, Hutch Inson; Fourth National Bank and Trust Company, Wichita; First Na­tional Bank of Syracuse, Syracuse Kan.; First National Bank of Hutch inson, Hutchinson; Abilene National Bank, Abilene. Kan.; Caldwell State Bank. Caldwell. Ohio Valley National Bank, Hen derson, Ky.; First National Bank of Mavfiold. Mavfield. Kv.; Ciulf National Bank, Lake Charles; Tiie National Bank of Perrysville Perrysville, Md.; Farmers and Mechanics Savings Bank, Minncap oli.s; The First National Bank Ely, Minn.; City National Bank and Trust Company, Kansas City; The Federal Reserve Bank of Kan sas City, Kansas City; Central Mis souri Bank and Trust Bank. Ray-town, Mo.; Edgar County National Bank. Paris, Mo.; Bank of Neosho, Neosho. Mo.; Mechanics Bank and Trust Company. Mobcrly. Mo.; Peo­ples State Bank, Artesia. N.M.; Swiss Bank Corporation, New York; First National Bank in Duncan. Duncan: Liberty National Bank and Trust Company. Oklahoma City; First National Bank of Seminole, Seminole, Okla. First National Bank in Wewoka. Wewoka, Okla.; Pauls Valley Na­tional Bank. Marietta, Okla.; Cen­tral National Bank. Oklahoma City; City National Bank, Lawton; First National Bank, Midwest City, Okla.; Fort Sin NaHonal Bank. Fort Sill; National Bank of Tulsa. Tulsa: The First State Bank of Ketchum. Okla.; Grant Square Bank and Trust Company. Oklahoma City; First National Bank of Moore, Moore. Okla.; The Fidelity National Bank and Trust Co., Oklahoma City; City National Bank and Trust, Ok­lahoma City; Rogers County Bank. Claremore; First National Bank and Trust Company, Elizabethtown, Pa.; State National Bank of El Paso, El Paso; Citizens National Bank, Abilene, Tex.; Peoples State Bank. Raytown, Tex.