Hutch's early rivalry with Wichita

Thursday, November 15, 1888

Editor's note: The following news items from The Hutchinson Daily News in 1888 and 1889 amusingly illustrate the rivalry between Hutchinson and Wichita as both cities eagerly strove to be "boom" towns.

The Wichita News-Beacon is having a little boom all by itself over the discovery of another batch of salt brine. This is only the tenth time this worthless stuff has been struck, and no paper but the Beacon has had the cheek to report it. According to the Beacon "the brine shows by the salometer a strength of 90 per cent, the salt made is a light-brown color and 85 per cent pure." For the information of the new young men on the Beacon we will state that brine that is less than 90 per cent strong is not worth working; that salt that is only 85 per cent pure is not fit for use and that salt that is a "light-brown color" is not fit for hogs to eat, and, further, no natural brine in any country can compete with rock salt for a moment. The Hutchinson brine is 100 strong, 99.80 pure and as white as snow.


The Beacon says the salt well is four miles west of Wichita. That means four miles from the city limits or twenty five miles from the heart of the city. It is probably the Kingman salt they refer to.


The Wichita Beacon says the discovery of salt brine at that place compoletely silences the rivalry of Hutchinson. It will take more than that worthless stuff to save the ex-princess from defeat.


May 5, 1889

From a story written by editor of the Garden City Herald upon visiting Hutchinson:

The people of Hutchinson are kind-hearted and good-natured, and those who are wise enough not to make any invidious comparisons between that place and Wichita get along nicely, but woe to the man or woman who, in an unguarded moment, ventures to remark that Wichita might possibly overshadow that place in the future. It were better for such an one that he had a mill stone about his neck and were cast into the sea. To an Hutchinsonite such a remark is the worst form of blasphemy and for which there is no forgiveness.