Doubting John's bad day

Saturday, March 24, 1888

People flocked to the salt works yesterday in droves. Some walked and others rode in any kind of conveyance at hand.

One John Bern, of Newton, under the impression that the salt business was being overdone and that the salt which was being carried around by everybody had been shipped in, went in Col. Byer's livery stable on east Sherman street and hired a team, saying as he left that these Hutchinson Boomers were not smart enough for him, and that seeing was believing.

Well he probably don't believe it yet, for he never got there. He filled up pretty well with some cholera cordial, which he had probably brought along with him, and while attempting to cross the Maple street bridge, drove off the south end and upset horse and buggy, and landing himself on his head. He laid for a few minutes when John Shaw, of Grant township, who was on his way back from the works, picked him up, and got the horse on his feet.

The buggy was not much damaged, but our smart young salt chemist carried his head in a bandage the rest of the day, and is content to take some one's say that the salt is Hutchinson's manufacture.