Another Salt Co. Chartered

Saturday, November 19, 1887

Style of the Charter and Other Matters Concerning It - A Happy Community


The South Hutchinson Salt and Coal Mining Company has filed its charter with the secretary of state. It is the company previously referred to as the Pennsylvania company. Following is the charter:

The charter of the South Hutchinson Salt and Coal Mining Company, capital stock, two hundred thousand dollars; directors: W. R. Bennett and J. O. McClintock, of Meadville, Penn; Thomas J. Decker, of Hutchinson; C.R. Thoburn, of Peabody.

This is the company that mention has been made of before in these columns. They mean business, and propose to be at work at an early day. We have the information from a reliable source that they have let the contract for sinking a shaft. The company that has secured the contract is one of the best in the east, and gives a guarantee to put a shaft down in spite of any obstacles that may be encountered.

We are glad to note the celerity with which the different companies are using towards the development of the great mines of wealth underlying this section, the magnitude of which there is not the slightest doubt.

Two companies are now virtually at work and the one whose organization is given above, will soon be in the field and commence active operations.

The result of the operations now under way will be a grand thing for our city. It will furnish countless laborers with employment and when in perfect running order will bring hundreds of thousands of dollars to the city every year. The good work is now going on, and our citizens are jubilant.